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COVID-19 has dramatically impacted retail. Prepare your stores for success in this uncertain environment.

The COVID-19 global pandemic has rocked the globe with unexpected changes, new rules of engagement, and dramatic shifts in consumer behavior.

Telaid is working tirelessly to identify innovative technologies that empower you to operate with safety, consistency and success in these unprecedented conditions.


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Thermal Cameras

Thermal Cameras Detect transmission threats

Thermal cameras enable auto-detection of occupants with abnormally high temperatures, allowing you keep potentially ill people out of your building.


Thermal Camera Temperature Kiosk

Thermal Camera Temperature Kiosk Automate conditional access control

Thermal camera temperature kiosk combines contact-free detection of elevated body temperature with facial recognition technology to automate access control.



Occupi Streamline traffic management

Occupi’s fully automated, live occupancy system manages traffic control and accurately monitors maximum occupancy.


Streamline traffic management

BlueFox Enable social distancing

BlueFox’s real-time mobile phone sensing technology delivers critical analytics on foot traffic to enable effective social distancing.

BlueFox social distancing

Telaid’s Occupancy Solution Automate traffic control

Telaid’s Occupancy Management Solution automates traffic control in and out of your store using best-of-breed Axis cameras, enabling you to accurately manage traffic in your store.


Telaid’s Occupancy Solution


Cirrus Exterior Digital Signage

Cirrus Exterior Digital Signage Maximize effective communication

Exterior digital signage from Cirrus lets you maximize communication to customers, increase impulse purchases and streamline traffic flow.


POS Achieve frictionless checkout

Best-of-breed POS solutions let your customers handle checkout and payment on their terms, minimizing checkout time and maximizing CX.

Frictionless Checkout

Robotics-based click-and-collect solution Enable contactless pick-up

Robotic click-and-collect solutions give your customers the option of contactless pick-up from outdoor locations that are most convenient to them.

Contactless Pick-up

UV Clean with efficiency and effectiveness

This solution uses UV light to eradicate harmful bacteria and viruses to maintain sanitary, clean spaces.


UV Lamps

Outdoor Messaging Facilitate indoor/ outdoor communications

The BIAMP indoor/outdoor audio messaging system allows you to communicate critical updates or urgent messages store-wide.


Indoor/Outdoor Messaging

reopening checklist

A readiness checklist for retail reopening

As you prepare to reopen your stores after extended closure during COVID-19, here are some things to consider.

Download the checklist

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