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Grocers operating with the slimmest of margins must leverage technology to automate operations and offer shoppers a super-personalized shopping experience.


Like the rest of retail, the grocery business is experiencing significant changes in a short timeframe.

Under continued pressure to survive with super-slim margins, grocers must adapt to the changing demands of a new generation of shoppers and seek fresh opportunities to drive revenue. As a result, grocers are extending their offerings to feature services like in-store dining, more pre-prepared foods and delivery options including curb-side pick-up and home delivery.

To maintain revenues, grocers must deliver an extremely personalized shopping experience that drives relevant information to the customer at the shelf, where they are driven to select products that meet their unique needs and preferences. Impeccable operations are required in grocery to safely handle perishable, cooked foods and ensure product integrity at every step of the process.

Telaid knows grocery

Choosing a dependable, cost effective partner is critical. Telaid serves many of the top grocers, helping them deploy and maintain the technologies that are critical to their business. Telaid can provide:

  • IoT deployments that streamline and automate various operations and ensure product handling integrity. (e.g. – temperature monitors, etc.)
  • Wireless networks and infrastructure to support in-store customer Wi-Fi as well as wireless devices across the store.
  • Asset lifecycle management services designed to extend your IT team.
  • Unified security solutions that simultaneously reduce shrink and optimize operations.

Let Telaid help you deploy new technologies like digital shelving, in-store W-Fi, and IoT technologies to help streamline and automate your grocery operation.


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Telaid supports grocery retailers with innovative solutions to achieve their operational and customer experience objectives. Let us help you advance your business objectives with the right technologies and services.

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