Technology Lifecycle Solutions For Multi-Site Clients™

Solutions for technology projects, no matter how big or small.

Whether you need a massive nationwide technology rollout or a critical on-site repair, Telaid has you covered. We thrive on large, complex, multi-site projects, and with our nimble, resourceful team, we are also able to execute small projects.

“If we have a difficult project, we know it’ll get done right with Telaid. They make sure the deadlines and dates work for everyone, and use a proven process to ensure we get what we expected.”

- Sr. Loss Prevention Executive, Global Specialty Retailer


With Telaid’s exceptional talent, Proven Process and extensive resources, we evaluate each project individually and assign just the right resources to execute with precision and effectiveness. Here are some of the key services we provide.


Technology Lifecycle Solutions

Cradle-to-grave technology support to increase uptime, ROI

Telaid offers cradle-to-grave support of your IT infrastructure, wireless networks and physical security assets.

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why telaid - results without the risk

better outcomes for less money

Rapid Deployment

Zero Defect deployment services that reduce time, task, cost and risk

Telaid’s Zero Defect Model and Proven Process reduce time, task, cost and risk associated with technology deployments.

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Physical Security

Solutions to help you protect your people, property and business

Telaid is your IT and physical security partner, leveraging our expertise in both to help you secure all your assets.

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what you need when you need it

we know multi-site technology rollouts and upgrades


Spot-on wireless networks to meet your business needs

Telaid has the in-house expertise to design, deploy and support the right wireless network to achieve your business objectives.

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Telaid Technology Solution Center (TSC)

Telaid’s Technology Solution Center (TSC)

The backbone of our operation and the heart of our Zero Defect Model. A complete but flexible resource, the TSC can lend organization, best practices and better results to your technology project, no matter how big or small.

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