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Partner with the one integrator that can support all of the technologies that are critical to your business

We pride ourselves on our team’s breadth of expertise in technologies across the board. In a world where effective technology integration is more critical than ever, Telaid can deliver. Technology agnostic, we work with any brand or operating system, giving us the flexibility to meet your diverse needs.

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WirelessKeep employees and customers connected with top Wi-Fi performance
Wireless infrastructure supports a quickly growing number of devices, users and applications. Telaid engineers wireless infrastructure to ensure dependability and performance. Using site surveys and network planning, we design and deploy switches, routers, access points and cabling to support your needs today as well as ensuring scalability to meet your needs tomorrow.

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POSStreamlined checkout for an exceptional customer experience
Point of sale (POS) technology is increasingly critical to delivering an exceptional customer experience. Whether online or in-store, customers expect the final checkout and payment process to be streamlined, quick and easy. Whether installing new POS devices to increase speed and flexibility like contactless payment systems, self-checkout kiosks, or handheld mobile POS, Telaid can handle any brand of POS device, ensure sufficient infrastructure, install with security in mind, and deploy on time and on budget.

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MobilityMobile solutions to drive customer engagement
Arming store employees with mobile handheld devices empowers them with information and the ability to serve customers from anywhere in the store. Whether tablets, scanners or mobile phones, no matter the brand or operating system, Telaid can help you stage, configure and deploy mobile solutions that drive customer engagement and real-time insight into inventory, sales, and more.

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TelephonyDesign, staging and installation of phone systems
Whether upgrading from analog to VoIP phone systems or going hybrid, Telaid can help you design, configure, stage, program and deploy phone systems. We offer hosted IP server systems and remote management along with level 1 support so that there’s never a worry in case of user questions or if the system experiences problems. We handle the back end so you don’t have to.

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AudioProfessional audio/visual installation and support
Audio/visual technologies are essential to sharing information and setting the mood in stores. As part of the immersive customer experience, retailers can now provide personalized, detailed information via kiosks, digital signage and digital shelving or massive video wall configurations. Overhead music, PA systems and personalized audio can further support the customer experience. With our roots in audio installations, Telaid can handle these complex audio/visual deployments, fully integrating technologies and establishing the cost effective infrastructure required to support it.

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NetworkFull IT network install and support
Network infrastructure is the backbone and central nervous system of all of your deployed technologies. From routers and switches to low voltage and electrical cabling, servers and wireless infrastructure, getting your infrastructure right is essential to the proper function and optimization of every one of your technologies. Telaid knows infrastructure. From cabling to wireless access points, and network closet clean-up, we ensure your network infrastructure is organized, optimized and securely in place to support your critical technologies.

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WorkstationWorkstation deployment and support
Workstations and other devices used on a daily basis by employees are critical to the smooth operation of your business. Whether deploying servers, workstation, PCs, headsets or mobile devices for offices, back-of-the-store or warehousing operations, Telaid can handle device configuration, permissioning and delivery to employees to ensure their productivity. We can also handle offboarding as well as regular repair and maintenance. Let us maintain your back-up inventory, staging and shipping for streamlined workforce device management.

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Traffic icon
TrafficDrive meaningful customer analytics with traffic technology
With emerging technologies, it’s now possible to understand how foot traffic in your stores, customer linger times and destinations reveal critical insights about shopping intent, preference, marketing effectiveness and optimal store design. These insights can lead to improved efficiency, reduced cost and increased revenue, but effectively collecting the data requires alignment of video, analytics, IoT sensors, digital signage and PVMs. Telaid handles all of these technologies and can systematically integrate them in your stores for maximum insight.

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Digital SignsCreate interactive experiences for your customers
Your customers expect an immersive, personalized experience when they enter your store. Interactive technologies such as touchscreens, self-serve kiosks, digital signage, video walls and content management systems (CMS) all combine to offer that immersive customer experience that keeps your customers coming back. From back-end system design to staging, configuration and deployment, to mounting and cabling, Telaid can help you create the interactive experience with end-to-end support for all component technologies.

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SecurityUnified physical security for automation, cost savings
Unified security solutions deliver value and savings across the entire enterprise. Whether deploying state-of-the-art physical security solutions in a new location or maximizing analog equipment as you gradually invest in IP technology, Telaid can help you map the path from individual solution to fully unified physical security including technologies like video, intrusion, access control, RFID and analytics.

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CablingYour infrastructure is only as good as the cabling behind it
Cabling is the most fundamental backbone support for technology of all kinds. That’s why Telaid has cabling experts prepared to handle electrical, low voltage or optical fiber cabling to ensure the security and dependability of your physical layer infrastructure.

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Retail Automation icon
Retail AutomationAchieve the next level of efficiency and cost savings with retail automation
As consumers demand increasing levels of self-service and retailers strive to ensure consistency and speed of order processing, retail automation technologies offer ways to increase efficiency, improve accuracy and generate cost savings. Whether you’re implementing robotic click-and-collect solutions, smart lockers, or other automation technologies, Telaid can support deployment and ongoing maintenance.

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Telaid Knows Rapid Deployment for Healthcare

Telaid undertook a massive project to deploy state-of-the-art wireless networks in healthcare clinics nationwide. The results have enhanced the patient experience, improved caregiver efficiency and bolstered the operational capabilities of this specialty healthcare clinic.

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