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Integrate audio, visual and supporting technologies to deliver a truly immersive, interactive customer experience

Consumers today expect truly personalized, engaging experiences when they visit stores. Businesses have many technologies at their disposal to deliver the immersive customer experience but solution design, integration and support can be a challenge. Telaid has the expertise and resources to help you design, deploy and maintain all the technologies that combine to deliver the optimal customer experience.

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    Audio is a powerful interactive tool in any location, particularly when combined with video, sensors and other technologies. Traditional applications like PA systems and overhead music are still essential, but in addition, audio can be combined with public view monitors to deliver greetings and personalized messages as customers enter your location. Deliver entertainment or information to customers who are perusing merchandise or waiting in fast food queues for an extended period of time.
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    With emerging technologies, on-location visuals are nothing less than captivating. From interactive touchscreens to augmented reality, from video walls to digital menu boards, visual technologies have the potential to engage and enlighten your customers instantly.
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    Touchscreens and Interactive Technologies
    Customer expectations now rest on the ability to access relevant, personalized information that is easily consumable and entertaining. Rather than searching the store for dress accessories, serve up an interactive app on a mobile device that recommends accessories based on the customer’s preferences and style. Use interactive technologies to deliver feature menu items based on allergy information or diner preferences. Leverage self-serve kiosks to allow customers to learn about services of interest and present live visual comparison of options.
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    Customized Digital Technology Implementations
    The digital transformation is reinventing the engaging customer experience and redefining what is required to deliver those experiences. Whether it’s application development to support a new digital technology implementation, content creation and management, or a custom solution designed for deployment in a unique environment, Telaid’s team can assist.

Telaid works with best-of-breed partners in a range of areas to offer complete interactive solutions including:

  • Small- and large-scale audio integrations
  • Small- and large-scale video integrations
  • Interactive displays and touchscreen kiosks
  • Tablet/iPad integration
  • Digital menu boards
  • Analytic technology implementation
  • Back-of-the-house training systems
  • Customize solutions based on cause-and-effect customer interactions
  • Content management system deployment and management
  • Application/website development

Services to ensure your success today and in the future

At Telaid, we know that your focus is on your customers and positioning your business for success. That’s why we‘ve built our team, facilities and partner network to offer the technology services and support you need from project conception all the way through end-of-usefulness disposal. Supplement your internal team by partnering with Telaid for service and support.

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    Day 2 Services
    Telaid can provide critically needed services after deployment is completed and operations are underway. Let Telaid proactively monitor devices for potential failures and ensure content is being delivered to the right location at the right time. We also offer customized Break/Fix contracts to repair or replace devices and Move/Add/Change requests to ensure devices are properly placed for performance. Just as you personalize offerings for your customers, Telaid offers custom programs to meet your specific needs and preferences.
  • Monitoring icon
    Telaid can proactively monitor devices nationwide, detecting outages, device failures or missing content so that problems can be addressed proactively and quickly. We can also support your interactive program with a cloud-based content management system to facilitate creation and distribution of relevant content.
  • Centralized Staging and Configuration icon
    Centralized Staging and Configuration
    Whether preparing for new site rollouts or simply changing out damaged equipment, pre-staging makes installation a breeze. Telaid can document and save all individual device configurations for restoration in case of the unexpected. Then enjoy 24/7 access to our customer portal to validate hardware and view status reports.
Telaid helps deliver an immersive customer experience for major athletic apparel retailer

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Telaid helps you deliver an immersive customer experience

See how one major athletic apparel retailer used state-of-the-art, triple play WAN from Ventus, and winning integration team, Telaid, to create immersive customer
experience and support critical operations.

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