Technology Solution Center - Telaid
Technology Lifecycle Solutions For Multi-Site Clients™

Telaid’s Technology Solution Center: the heart of our zero defect operation

Telaid’s state-of-the-art Technology Solution Center (TSC) is the location where we organize, stage, configure and repair equipment.

Our comprehensive asset management services ensure your projects are handled with complete consistency and precision for on time, on budget delivery. We aggregate, configure, kit and ship equipment so that it arrives on site, ready for plug-and-play installation. See how our TSC makes the complex, simple by managing every detail of your technology.


We receive, sort, evaluate and inventory devices to evaluate condition, count devices, note technical details and enable easy selection when needed in the field. We warehouse hundreds of thousands of devices for our clients each year in our warehouse complete with 250,000 ft2 of rackable space.

Stage and ConfigurationStage & Configuration

We pre-stage and configure your devices in the TSC so they are prepared for plug-and-play installation upon arrival in the field. Our fully automated process can configure 800 devices concurrently for speed and efficiency.

Kit and ShipKit & Ship

For every shipment, we kit, package and ship to the right location on a precision timeline so that deployment is easy. Our precision methodology results in a 98.8% project success rate.

Support and RepairSupport & Repair

The TSC is home to Telaid’s Help Desk, which provides 24x7x365 level 1, 2 and 3 support as well as monitoring and administrative support. Our team has a track record of 95% first visit resolution.