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Speed, precision and complexity in fulfillment logistics require advanced technologies.


In a world of e-commerce and consumers who demand speed and flexibility, fulfillment logistics go beyond pick, pack and ship.

Today, the complexity associated with delivering precision logistics out of distribution centers and micro-fulfillment centers continues to rise. The process may require shipment of single orders to multiple destinations, secure delivery to lockers, cars, or other specified locations or even verification of conditions during transit. This kind of rigorous, exacting information requires the very latest technologies at every point along the supply chain.

Telaid knows logistics

The trusted team at Telaid has more than 40 years’ experience providing technology deployments, dependable infrastructure and cradle-to-grave technology services and support. With an understanding of how the latest automation technologies empower logistics operations, Telaid offers:

  • Solution design to architect automation and robotics solutions for your specific space and business need.
  • Complex, IoT and RFID deployments to provide critical information in real time as items move across the distribution chain.
  • Robust, dependable physical layer infrastructure that can support mission-critical technologies now and in the future.
  • Rapid deployments to transform spaces into micro-fulfillment centers outfitted with critical technologies to support omnichannel logistics
  • Spot-on wireless networks that support a connected warehouse.
  • Hardware as a service options to access the latest automation and robotics technologies without capital expenditures
  • Ongoing support and service options to prevent failures before they occur and address outages with speed and efficiency
  • Unified physical security systems that combine video, access control and intrusion alarms to provide complete information and enable investigations in case of losses in the warehouse or distribution center.

With an eye toward the big picture and how you want technology to work for your business, Telaid provides the technology services you need to ensure smooth, streamlined logistics.


The Connected Warehouse

Are you ready to get IT done?

The Anatomy of a Connected Warehouse shows how multiple technologies come together to create a truly streamlined logistics operation.

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Telaid’s Proven Process

Telaid’s Proven Process

Based on hundreds of successful client projects, Telaid’s Proven Process ensures that your experience with us is consistently excellent and that we complete your projects on time and on budget, every time.

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Deeply knowledgeable about logistics and supply chain, Ross is assigned to resolving and supporting some of the most complicated logistics projects. He has the ability to resolve challenges with outstanding results.

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