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Remote monitoring and management solution, DeviceWatch, automates maintenance, optimizes uptime

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With the number of devices attached to your network, understanding which ones are operational and which are failing can be difficult, time consuming and expensive. Telaid’s DeviceWatch, a remote monitoring and management (RMM) software powered by Canopy, uses the latest technology to provide real-time monitoring and self-healing capabilities to maximize uptime of all your network devices.

What does DeviceWatch do?

A fully configurable remote monitoring and management (RMM) software platform, DeviceWatch is used across all hardware devices on your network to monitor device status, automate remote actions that increase uptime and self-heal devices on the network to optimize uptime. Via the DeviceWatch console, users can manage the overall health of network devices in real-time, through a single interface.

Enjoy a solution that is:


DeviceWatch runs on any derivative of Linux or Windows OS and builds cloud-to-cloud integrations for iOS and Android to accommodate a wide variety of devices and systems.



From configurable KPIs and dashboards to customizable remote actions, automation workflows and analytics, DeviceWatch can be tailored to deliver actions and data specified by the customer.



DeviceWatch automates remote actions such as software restarts, patches and reboots.

Reduce expenses, increase uptime


  • DeviceWatch reduced manual support labor hours by up to 85%
  • DeviceWatch decreased site visits by 15-20%
  • DeviceWatch eliminated 25% of manual support tickets

*Savings generated for actual customers by this RMM solution.


Discover how DeviceWatch can alleviate burden on your IT team and save money.

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