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Scalable Technology Integration for Logistics

Telaid is helping logistics, warehouse and shipping companies build the supply chain of the future through wireless integration, RFID, IoT and retrofitting of existing technology.

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Telaid is your proven technology integration partner for cradle-to-grave technology support.

We make complex technology deployments simple and repeatable. With 35 years of successful deployments under our belt, we have an unprecedented ability to execute your complex, large-scale technology projects on time, on budget.

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Are you reusing technology to save money, maximize ROI?

Do you conserve resources and save money by reusing, refreshing and repurposing your technology? Follow these key best practices to reuse technology assets, protect sensitive data and ensure a successful store closing.

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Multi-site organizations get real results

Telaid is relentlessly dedicated to your success. Large, multi-site clients trust and rely on us for our expertise and proven ability to deliver.

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After 35 years and thousands of deployments, Telaid has summarized insights to optimize IT and cutting-edge best practices that our clients find valuable. Our e-newsletter offers a quick, easy way to get resources to help you make the right technology decisions. Sign up for future e-newsletters.

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Five Ways Site Surveys and Asset Optimization Will Save You Money

Did you know that companies with above-average reuse of technology tend to be more profitable and grow faster than competitors with below-average reuse.

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Are you reusing technology to save money, maximize ROI?

Retailers that want to save money, increase ROI on existing technology, and make the most of their technology assets will inventory and reuse them.

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Top Three Trends From NRF Protect

If you missed NRF, or in case you weren’t able to attend all the sessions you wanted to, these are three recurring themes that we found extremely insightful and worthy of reflection.

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