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Telaid Tech Connect: where you can explore the latest technologies, garner insights from experts and preview enabling technologies

Keeping pace with technology trends and innovative technologies can be daunting. Each episode of Telaid Tech Connect offers an insightful glimpse into marketplace trends, shifts in consumer behaviors and the enabling technologies that are impacting businesses. We’ll deep dive into changes taking place in industries. Join us to gain insights that could help you achieve your business objectives.

  • The Shift to the Cloud and the Future of the Security Space with Nigel Waterton

    Nigel Waterton leads the sales and marketing efforts for Arcules as Chief Revenue Officer. First, he discusses the shift to cloud-based security systems and the technology trends driving this transition. Then, we look ahead to the impact of the cloud on the future of security. Tune in as Nigel explores how the cloud-based systems can improve visibility into your business and enhance the customer experience.

  • Technology and Security in The Retail Space with Frank Thomas

    Frank Thomas is a security industry veteran with about 25 years of experience in mechanical engineering, operations, application design and sales. Frank kicks off the podcast highlighting retailers’ desire to maximize the value of each technology deployment. He discusses retailers’ drive to leverage technology to better understand their customers and gain insights that allow them to be smarter about their business. Frank explores the types of data and analytics generated from video and other security technologies and their value to different functional areas across retail. Tune in as we look ahead at potential market changes impacting the security space.

  • Implications of Click and Collect Solutions on Loss Prevention Teams

    In this episode, host Beth Bergman interviews Mike Korcuba, vice president of sales and leader of the physical security practice at Telaid. Mike considers emerging loss prevention (LP) and security challenges related to the use of new click and collect solutions.

  • Cleveron’s COO (US) on How Automated Package Lockers Reshape the Last Mile

    Meelis Anton what makes Cleveron's products unique regarding click and collect solutions for retail, grocery, and logistics. Tune in as Meelis dives into the retail and grocery industry's significant challenges, and Meelis gives advice for companies deploying new technologies.

  • Introduction to Telaid Tech Connect Podcast

    Welcome to the Telaid Tech Connect Podcast. In this podcast, we will deep dive into the transformational changes occurring across multiple industries today. Plus, we chat about how technologies are helping enterprises achieve their aggressive business objectives.

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