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Keeping pace with technology trends and innovative technologies can be daunting. Each episode of Telaid Tech Connect offers an insightful glimpse into marketplace trends, shifts in consumer behaviors and the enabling technologies that are impacting businesses. We’ll deep dive into changes taking place in industries. Join us to gain insights that could help you achieve your business objectives.

  • 10 Principles of High Productivity Retailing

    Today we’re speaking with Jim Inglis, a 60-year home center industry veteran, executive, and author. In part two of this podcast series, we explore the ten principles of high productivity retailing gleaned from Jim’s time with The Home Depot and his tenured career. Jim shares insights about how building brand, customer loyalty, trust and culture is critical for success in retail.

  • Bleeding Orange Culture and The Home Depot’s Success Story

    Today we’re speaking with Jim Inglis, a 60-year home center industry veteran, executive and author. In this episode, we explore the story of how The Home Depot grew from its first few stores in 1979 to become the largest home improvement retailer in the world. Jim shares insights about how the Bleeding Orange Culture practices of empowering teams, delighting customers and embracing change led to The Home Depot’s success.

  • The Digital Transformation: How and Why Companies Are Automating

    Today we’re speaking with Steve Latham, Founder and CEO of Banyan Hills Technologies. In this episode, we explore the digital transformation, what it means, how it’s occurring, which industries are taking early action and the challenges associated with managing tens of thousands of connected devices. Steve shares insight about Canopy™, an IoT platform that enables the centralized monitoring, management and control of large networks of devices and control systems.

  • How the Retail Cyclone Is Driving Retailers to Growth or Failure

     Today we’re speaking with Keith Aubele, founder of Nav1gate Group, about the retail cyclone and how it’s driving retailers to massive growth or failure. We explore the unprecedented conditions creating this retail cyclone and how leaders are taking action to reduce the impact and leveraging technology to future-proof their approaches. Keith also outlines the … Continue reading How the Retail Cyclone Is Driving Retailers to Growth or Failure

  • The Impacts and Importance of Sustainable Technology Purchasing

    In today's episode, we sit down with Annie Bevin, head of global sustainability at Superior Essex, one of the largest communication cable manufacturers in North America. Annie discusses the impacts and importance of sustainable technology purchasing, what this means and what options are available to business leaders.

  • The Use of Data Analytics and Understanding the True Omnichannel Experience for Customers

    Today we discuss the use of data analytics and understanding the true omnichannel experience for customers with Tracy Benaman, VP of Retail Sales of Deep North, an expert in retail operations and data analytics. She explains how retailers and QSRs are using video analytics to inform real-time decision making that improves employee efficiency and customer service. Join us as we discuss how AI is transforming retail stores and QSRs and their ability to drive sales in real time, return the greatest ROI and achieve their strategic objectives.

  • UVD/Non-Chemical Sanitation Technologies – with Christine Gallo

    Today’s episode is about UVD sanitation technology, its evolution in various industries, and how it’s becoming a part of our daily lives. Owner and Founder of Gallo Medical Company, Christine Gallo joins us to discuss advancements in UVD technology and the factors associated with successful deployment. Christine explores the growing applications of UVD sanitation technology across multiple industries and how businesses are using this technology to protect their employees during the Covid pandemic. Join us as we explore the applications for UVD sanitation technologies in hospitality, dining, education and other environments.

  • IOT and Ops Technology-with James Snook and Doug Sparkes

    Today’s episode is all about operations technology (OT). Guests James Snook and Doug Sparkes join us to discuss the role operations technology plays in a company’s success and advancement. How does IT play a role in the implementation and maintenance of these operations technologies? In this episode, we also talk about five key myths and realities of integrating new operations technologies into a business. Join us as we discuss how businesses can use OT to achieve critical business, operational, and sustainability objectives.

  • Today’s Retail Experience with Anand Muralidaran

    Anand Muralidaran is the Global Business Development Head for Retail at NVIDIA and today we will be addressing how retailers are working to digitalize the customer experience. Retailers constantly adapt in order to best serve their customers. Available resources such as smart cameras, algorithms, and heat mapping are helping companies like NVIDIA reimagine the traditional retail experience while enhancing the customer experience, loyalty, and engagement. Tune into today’s episode as we discuss what retail will look like in five years and how companies are experimenting with these possibilities.

  • Speed, Flexibility, and Scalability with Paul Metzheiser

    In this episode, we discuss how companies are transitioning from capex investments in technology to hardware as a service. Today’s guest, Paul Metzheiser, is a managing partner at TAMCO where he focuses on revenue generation and business development for the company. Tune in as he shares insights on the speed, flexibility and scalability enabled by hardware as a service.

  • How Retailers are Returning to a New Normal with Mark Pilkington

    Mark Pilkington is a brand expert, entrepreneur, motivationalist, and thought leader. Today we discuss Mark's recent book, Retail Recovery: How Creative Retailers Are Winning in their Post-Apocalyptic World. Mark's book is a survival guide for brands in the semi-post pandemic age, detailing new forces changing how we buy products, experience brands and giving insights into how retailers can recover and thrive under new conditions. Tune in as we talk about trends in retail during the pandemic, and we dig into some case studies from leaders in the industry.

  • The Shift to the Cloud and the Future of the Security Space with Nigel Waterton

    Nigel Waterton leads the sales and marketing efforts for Arcules as Chief Revenue Officer. First, he discusses the shift to cloud-based security systems and the technology trends driving this transition. Then, we look ahead to the impact of the cloud on the future of security. Tune in as Nigel explores how the cloud-based systems can improve visibility into your business and enhance the customer experience.

  • Technology and Security in The Retail Space with Frank Thomas

    Frank Thomas is a security industry veteran with about 25 years of experience in mechanical engineering, operations, application design and sales. Frank kicks off the podcast highlighting retailers’ desire to maximize the value of each technology deployment. He discusses retailers’ drive to leverage technology to better understand their customers and gain insights that allow them to be smarter about their business. Frank explores the types of data and analytics generated from video and other security technologies and their value to different functional areas across retail. Tune in as we look ahead at potential market changes impacting the security space.

  • Implications of Click and Collect Solutions on Loss Prevention Teams

    In this episode, host Beth Bergman interviews Mike Korcuba, vice president of sales and leader of the physical security practice at Telaid. Mike considers emerging loss prevention (LP) and security challenges related to the use of new click and collect solutions.

  • Cleveron’s COO (US) on How Automated Package Lockers Reshape the Last Mile

    Meelis Anton what makes Cleveron's products unique regarding click and collect solutions for retail, grocery, and logistics. Tune in as Meelis dives into the retail and grocery industry's significant challenges, and Meelis gives advice for companies deploying new technologies.

  • Introduction to Telaid Tech Connect Podcast

    Welcome to the Telaid Tech Connect Podcast. In this podcast, we will deep dive into the transformational changes occurring across multiple industries today. Plus, we chat about how technologies are helping enterprises achieve their aggressive business objectives.

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