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Human-centric AI and the Future of Customer Analytics

Release date: November 29, 2022

In this episode of Telaid Tech Connect, host Beth Bergmann has a conversation with Susan Sly, co-founder of Radius AI, about human-centric AI and the future for AI in retail. They explore use cases for AI as well as what the technology looks like today versus what it may look like in the future.


  • [2:57] What is AI and what isn’t it?
  • [6:39] What is human-centric AI?
  • [12:45] What does the art of AI mean to Radius AI and to the industry?
  • [16:23] What is the potential for sentient AI in the future?
  • [17:50] How are the savviest retailers who are deploying AI looking at the big picture? What differentiates the first movers in the industry?
  • [24:14] What do the next few years have in store for AI in retail?


  • There are three key types of AI right now:
    Text AI – Can process documentation faster than humans
    Language AI – Can process auditory language like Siri or Alexa
    Computer vision – Can process visual data, able to filter video and point humans to the relevant portions
  • Human-centric AI is AI that is designed to empower humans. Some things people do better than AI, for example, understanding the context for why someone might be on the ground. AI does a better job of flagging the fact that someone is now on the ground. AI and humans working together experience optimal results.
  • Sentient AI can “think for itself.” However, that AI has to receive training from somewhere. Many of the beneficial applications for sentient AI coming in the near future may be companion care, whether for pets or the elderly. An AI-based companion may be able to provide early diagnosis of a parent with Alzheimer’s, for example.
  • A recent study indicated that 54% of AI pilots go to production, up from 8% in recent years. Retailers can increase that number by aligning with qualified partners who have vetted providers and who can help them pilot projects prior to large scale rollout.
  • AI enablement for customer experience may include something like customers opting into facial recognition so when they show up in a store to shop, an associate can bring them their favorite beverage or they can receive a notification that there are new items from their favorite brand in store and here’s a map to locate those items. The retailers who experiment early and pioneer new use cases are going to be the winners.


Radius AI

LinkedIn – Susan Sly


Susan Sly is a tech investor, co-founder, best-selling author, keynote speaker, entrepreneur and podcast host of Raw and Real Entrepreneurship. Susan holds an Advanced Certificate for Executives in Management, Innovation, and Technology from MIT and is the author of 7 books. As a highly acclaimed keynote speaker, Susan has spoken for MIT, NVIDIA, Intel, Lenovo, and shared the stage with Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, Robert Kiosaki, and more. And she has been a featured guest speaker for the National Restaurant Association, Executives Next Practices Institute, Forbes Roundtable, Corenet Global and the Edge AI Summit. In 2022 Susan was honored to receive the Rosalind Franklin Society Award in Science and a nomination for the Rising Star in AI from Venture Beat. Susan is the Co-CEO, and Co-founder, of RadiusAI – an award-winning artificial intelligence company with offices on three continents.

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