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Automation technologies that lower labor costs and increase order throughput

From robotics to AI and analytics, automation technologies pave the way to a successful future for retailers. Telaid understands the complexity of designing, vetting, deploying and maintaining automation solutions and is prepared to support retailers at every step along the way.

Experience the power of retail automation

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    Optimize your limited human resources by automating operational tasks.

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    Leverage automation to increase order throughput required to maximize revenue and optimize the customer experience.

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    Execute omnichannel retailing with efficiency and precision using automation technologies.

Automation solutions for a variety of applications

  • Retail

    Enable BOPIS with package lockers, wireless solutions and AI.

  • Grocery

    Deploy frictionless checkout that reduces customer frustration and staffing needs.

  • QSR

    Leverage IoT solutions to improve food safety and reduce loss of perishables due to improper handling.

  • Micro-fulfillment

    Employ robotics automate product distribution.

  • C-store

    Leverage video analytics to better secure the property and understand shopping patterns.

  • Fast casual

    Automate order-taking with interactive kiosks for a faster, better customer experience.

  • Big Box

    Employ IoT and OpsTech to achieve visibility, control and security in facilities management.

  • Pharmacy

    Leverage robots to fill prescriptions with efficiency and precision.

Explore some of our best-of-breed automation solutions

  • ComputerVision

    Powerful video analytics solution offers instant, actionable insight and complete visibility.

  • Remote management platform

    Remote IoT and device management solution connects variety of devices and manages data, remote operation at scale.

  • Fulfillment automation

    Robots, automated conveyor systems, and pick-by-voice accelerate back-end processes and speed picking, packing and shipment of goods.

  • Robotic click-and-collect units

    Robotic, temperature-controlled click-and-collect units deliver convenience and safety with contactless order retrieval.

When it’s time to deploy, depend on Telaid and our outstanding track record

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    on-time delivery of projects

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    first visit resolution

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    Fortune 500 clients

See how automation is transforming businesses

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    Telaid supports iconic food and beverage retailer with line-busting solutions for drive-thru.

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    Kroger and Telaid partner to deploy new temperature monitoring technology that’s poised to revolutionize food safety.

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    Successful international retailer launches U.S. stores with unified physical security solutions that deliver automation and savings.

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Deploy automation technologies and let Telaid support them for optimal performance, maximum uptime.

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