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Case Studies

Telaid is relentlessly dedicated to your success. Large, multi-site clients trust and rely on us for our expertise and proven ability to deliver. They tell us our unique understanding of the people, processes and tools required to execute flawless technology integrations, successful upgrades and cost effective lifecycle support make all the difference. We’ve been ensuring technology furthers client business goals for 40 years. The results speak for themselves.

See the results for yourself. Check out our case studies.


Workforce Device Management Success Story

Farm and Outdoor Supply Retailer Partners with Telaid to Plow Through Challenge of Workforce Device Management

A specialty retailer of farm supplies, lawn and garden tools, animal feed and outdoor equipment turned to Telaid to streamline their workforce device management. After an initial trial handling the customer’s employee onboarding process, Telaid now manages onboarding, offboarding and repair/replacement. The customer has reaped significant cost savings and an enhanced employee experience.

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Telaid Speeds Through Pilot of AI, Computer Vision in QSR Drive-thru to Advance Operations, Customer Experience

In an effort to drive efficiency and improve the customer experience, one international food and beverage provider sped to pilot an AI solution. They turned to trusted partner, Telaid, to manage an AI pilot program that would allow them to pick their preferred path at the end of the trial.

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Line-busting AI for QSR Success Story

Line-busting solutions for QSR Drive-thru Success Story

Telaid Supports Iconic Food and Beverage Retailer With Line-Busting Solutions for Drive-thru

A leading QSR was under pressure to provide expedited drive-thru service as demand surged for contactless order retrieval during the pandemic. They turned to Telaid for solutions to improve efficiency and throughput.

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Telaid Serves Up Capable, Dependable Technology Services and Support, Giving Growing QSR a Taste of True Partnership

Discover how one growing QSR brand partners with Telaid to scale their IT capabilities, streamline new store openings and ensure uptime in their locations.

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Full Service Solutions for QSR Success Story

Security and Efficiency to Busy Retail Distribution Center Security Success Story

Telaid and AutoGate Deliver Security, Efficiency to Busy Retail Distribution Center

Challenged with maintaining impenetrable perimeter security while efficiently managing deliveries throughout the day to their busy distribution center (DC), one leading retailer needed a gated access solution that could achieve both. Working backwards from a list of business criteria, Telaid identified and deployed the innovative AutoGate solution, which met the exacting needs of this busy DC.

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Specialty café launches opulent store complete with integrated physical security and state-of-the-art IT

Telaid delivered precision project management and installation work along with a fully integrated physical security solution for a one-of-a-kind landmark store launched by a popular international franchise.

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Specialty Café Integrated Physical Security Success Story


Electronic Keybox Solution Delivered by Medeco and Telaid Unlocked Cost Savings For One Major Retailer

A major retailer discovered that its key management system was costing them a fortune. The solution was a new key management system—one that would support greater security while also saving the retailer time and money.

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NVT Phybridge and Telaid Help A Specialty Retailer Deploy IP Surveillance Using Modern LAN Principles

Making the transition from analog to IP is both appealing and beneficial, but deployment isn’t always a simple, turnkey effort. See how one major specialty retailer achieved a simple, secure and cost-effective upgrade to full IP video coverage thanks to technology partners, NVT Phybridge and Telaid.

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Kroger and Telaid partner to deploy new temperature monitoring technology that’s poised to revolutionize food safety

The innovative Temperature Monitoring system started out as a pure labor savings play, designed to automate the manual process of checking and documenting the temperature of refrigerated food cases across Kroger’s stores. However, after working with Telaid to deploy this innovative 750,000-device Internet of Things system, Temperature Monitoring’s benefits extended far beyond the expected, generating millions of dollars in savings and benefits in food quality, safety and efficiency.

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Telaid makes complex, large-scale technology rollouts, upgrades painless for one leading retail pharmacy

As one of a select few, hand-chosen technology integrator partners, Telaid offers flexible, reliable technology services and expertise in multi-site retail that allow this pharmacy chain to serve customers round the clock, without having to worry about technology failures.

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Retail Pharmacy Deployment Success Story

A major retailer’s in-store pharmacy conversion required precision execution on a tight timeframe. Telaid was up for the challenge.

The complex conversion of 554 in-store pharmacies on a tight timeline required a precision process, well-trained technicians and flawless project management. The leader in complex multi-site technology deployments, Telaid, was the partner that got the job done on time and on budget.

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Telaid completes multi-site equipment upgrade for global retailer on aggressive timeline

When a Fortune 500 retailer needed to replace end-of-life computer-based learning terminals and large printers, they called on Telaid to oversee the extensive in-store upgrade. Even though the project timeline was ultimately reduced by a third, Telaid was able to scale and deliver.

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Retail Printer Deployment Success Story

Healthcare Success Story

Telaid surgically installs wireless in patient clinics nationwide, advancing care and curing slow operations

Telaid undertook a massive project to deploy state-of-the-art wireless infrastructure in healthcare clinic locations nationwide. The results have enhanced the patient experience, improved caregiver efficiency and bolstered the operational capabilities of this specialty medical clinic.

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Financial services firm’s investment in Telaid for technology management delivers impressive return

Telaid’s customized technology asset management program delivered an impressive $5.5M in cost avoidance in the first 24 months of operation.

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Financial Success Story

Grocery Success Story

National grocery chain gets a taste of Telaid’s physical security technology expertise and deployment capabilities.

Grocers are known for their super-slim margins, frugality and the ability to maximize the life of technology equipment. Unfortunately, for one large national grocer, efforts to control equipment expenses were costing money, time and inconsistency – problems that had to be addressed.

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At the box office, Telaid receives top ratings from critics for technology integration services

Telaid streamlines integration of mission-critical technologies in hundreds of theaters, garnering rave reviews.

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Retail Success Story

Home Improvement Success Story

Telaid helps home improvement retailer build fulfillment house from the ground, up.

To support the steady increase in e-commerce sales, one home improvement retailer decided to construct a state-of-the-art direct fulfillment center just outside a large metropolitan area. Designed to streamline fulfillment of thousands of e-commerce orders each day, the more than one million square foot facility would incorporate cutting-edge technologies to support operational efficiency.

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Telaid’s seamless break-fix handling is a beautiful thing for multi-site specialty retailer

To drive sales and return visits, retailers must remain laser-focused on store operations and customer service. One large beauty retailer was finding it challenging to ensure the continuity of in-store operations when disrupted by defective or malfunctioning equipment. The retailer needed a partner that could process, repair or dispose of, and return functioning equipment quickly and cost effectively.

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Retail Success Story

Security Success Story

Telaid handles security technology deployment for global logistics company, delivers big savings.

Freight forwarding centers handle a constant flow of shipments in and out, all of which must be carefully tracked, secured, processed and directed for delivery. So when a leading transportation and global logistics provider set out to design its largest free-standing freight forwarding facility in North America, it comes as no surprise that security was a top priority. They needed to protect, not only customers’ freight, but also people and property.

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Streamlined logistics and IT asset management from Telaid an attractive solution for top beauty retailer

Pursuing aggressive growth, the nation’s largest beauty retailer has targeted 20% year-over-year expansion, opening 100+ new stores annually. Outfitting this volume of new stores consistently with mission-critical technologies from wireless to POS to physical security, is a complicated, logistics-intensive process. This retailer needed a partner that could provide a cost effective method for procuring, pre-configuring, and shipping IT assets to minimize time, hassle and errors on-location.

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Logistics Success Story

Headquarters Success Story

Telaid prepares healthcare company’s wireless network for a long, healthy life

One healthcare company prepared a plan to deploy wireless in its headquarter offices. However, after a quick check-up, Telaid identified some problems that threatened the long-term health and longevity of the wireless network.

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