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Walmart’s IoT Dashboard Initiative in the Deli and Bakery Departments

Release date: February 7, 2023

In this episode of Telaid Tech Connect, Eric Dalton, Operations Leader at Walmart joins Beth Bergmann to discuss Walmart’s IoT dashboard initiative in the deli and bakery departments. Eric explores the growing use cases for IoT and automation in facilities management and beyond.


  • [2:05] What was the genesis of this IoT dashboard project at Walmart and what were some of the challenges the different departments were facing?
  • [7:07] What is the vision for the “smart store” and how does it work?
  • [8:40] What is the role of IoT in energy conservation?
  • [9:37] What challenges have you encountered with this project?
  • [12:04] What KPIs are you tracking to assess the success of this project?
  • [15:09] Are there any unanticipated use cases you’ve come across along the way?
  • [17:30] What technologies do you see revolutionizing retail in the next 5 years?


  • The start of this IoT initiative goes back to facilities management. We were seeking ways to deliver maintenance at a lower cost, respond more quickly to maintenance requests and send the right responder to the right place with the right part to resolve the problem quickly. We found associates in the deli and bakery reporting “my oven does not work,” but there was no additional detail available, so the technician generally made one trip to troubleshoot and then another trip to repair. We knew embedded IoT could provide information about the reasons for failure, as well as the make and model of the equipment so the technician could take the right part.  
  • We realized along the way that there was also valuable operational data available that could help associates increase efficiency and better serve customers.  
  • Our vision for the smart store is that we leverage IoT wherever we can to pull disparate data into one place and make decisions on systems as a whole. 
  • IoT is a powerful tool for energy management because there are so many systems operating at once and synthesized data provides context. So if a door is left open and it notifies you but it’s not a priority, but then you notice the HVAC system kicks on, you know to go close the door to stop wasting energy.  
  • The IoT dashboard project was bigger than expected. We want to have all data in one place to better operate the building as a system. Connectivity and scalability were two of the major challenges we faced.  


LinkedIn – Eric Dalton 


Currently serving as Senior Director, Facilities Management at Walmart, Eric Dalton is an operations, global facilities and supply chain management leader. He has a passion for strengthening operations through vision, strategy and technology and is currently responsible for building a team and processes dedicated to supporting the growing number of robotics, automation, and IoT systems and technology solutions at Walmart.

Prior to joining Walmart, Eric worked with other Fortune 500 companies including FedEx, where he provided technology support for FedEx’s shipping solutions. Eric’s career began in the US Navy where he developed a global perspective and developed team leadership skills as a nuclear power technician.

Focused on building organizational capability and excellence in execution, Eric continues to spearhead new automation initiatives.

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