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Implications of Click and Collect Solutions on Loss Prevention Teams

Release date: October 16, 2021

In this episode, host Beth Bergman interviews Mike Korcuba, vice president of sales and leader of the physical security practice at Telaid. Mike considers emerging loss prevention (LP) and security challenges related to the use of new click and collect solutions. He discusses the most prevalent sources of loss and strategies for preventing losses associated with theft and fraud, in particular. How are LP teams responding to respond to evolving risks and threats due to changes triggered by the pandemic and emerging click and collect solutions? Tune in to explore the latest market trends that could inform your most critical business decisions!


  • [01:00] Introduction to Mike Korcuba, Vice president of Sales and leader of the physical security practice at Telaid 
  • [2:00] Sources of loss for unattended delivery solutions
  • [4:00] Considerations for maximizing employee and customers safety with placement of an unattended click and collect solution
  • [07:00] How audit procedures reduce sweethearting and theft on order items
  • [9:00] The impacts of COVID-19 on LP teams 
  • [11:00] The evolution of loss prevention 
  • [17:00] Mike gives words of advice, including “approach anything you do like it’s an investigation.”
  • [20:00] Mike discusses drones and using Apple technology.


  • COVID-19 was a big driver for the acceleration of click and collect solutions in retail.
  • How do we ensure both employees as well as customer safety with these unattended delivery solutions?
  • If you’re auditing each and every purchase, you can really cut down on collusion that could take place at the registers or at a self-checkout.


With more than 30 years’ experience in the loss prevention (LP) sector, Mike has a proven track record of bringing an end user approach to the application of loss prevention technology. Making the transition from LP to technology in the early 2000’s, Mike has brought his passion for solving problems to the forefront of design, deployment and the operation of LP solutions. Mike strives to bring innovation and cutting-edge platforms to the loss prevention community with the focus on cost effective and efficient design leading to standardization.

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