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Beyond Traditional Surveillance: Future Applications for Optical Technologies

Release date: September 13, 2022

In this episode of Telaid Tech Connect, we’re speaking with Jordan Rivchun, Head of Business Development at Hanwha Techwin. We discuss how business leaders can leverage new optical technologies beyond traditional surveillance to reap operational and other business benefits.


  • [2:20] At the manufacturing level, what has changed that’s driving the ability to do more with optical technology?
  • [5:07] Are there specific industries that you think are ready to advance their use of cameras and computer vision? What are the critical use cases? 
  • [8:50] There are so many partners in this space, how do you assess which is the right partner to bring to your client who is trying to solve a particular business challenge?
  • [11:30] Is there anything from the hardware side that is driving the ability to support these next-generation technologies?
  • [15:05] What do the next five years look like for optical technology?


  • Edge-based technology and AI have transformed cameras into sensors and sensors into service providers for the user. Instead of capturing video that you scroll through to find what you need, technologies today proactively and without false alarms, detect events of interest and notify users instantly. 
  • Use cases for video are now expanding far beyond LP/AP. Applications today in retail include labor optimization, floor planning and safety. In QSRs, video can now be used for order verification, traffic analysis and food safety.
  • Non-traditional use cases are constantly emerging as customers bring new business challenges to the table and vendors work together to develop solutions using optical technologies.
  • In the next five years, we’re going to see better compression technologies, the mainstreaming of 5G, more dependency on the cloud and more AI.


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Hanwha Techwin


Jordan Rivchun is the Head of Business for Hanwha Techwin America. Rivchun has 18+ years of physical security technology and retail loss prevention experience. Prior to joining Hanwha in 2018, Rivchun was director of loss prevention with DSW (Designer Shoe Warehouse), where he was responsible for all facets of the Loss Prevention program including physical security, internal investigations, loss prevention systems and data analytics, as well as the field organization. Rivchun was also an active member of RILA’s Asset Protection Leaders Council (APLC). Prior to his 8-year career at DSW, he worked for Security Risk Management Consultants, Target, and Nordstrom in both security and asset protection capacities.

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