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The Impacts and Importance of Sustainable Technology Purchasing

Release date: March 22, 2022

Today we discuss the impacts and importance of sustainable technology purchasing with Annie Bevan, Global Head of Sustainability at Superior Essex Communications. 

We explore the importance of sustainability in the built environment and how corporations and leaders are taking action to reduce environmental impact and create more sustainable spaces. Annie also explains how technologies are changing the traditional design of buildings and enabling greater sustainability. Join us as we discuss the importance of sustainable technology purchasing.


  • [01:50] What are some key factors or changes in the industry that have been driving the shift and focus on sustainability as it relates to technology? 
  • [05:00] When it comes to technology, as we look at the sustainability options, what is available in the marketplace?
  • [06:15] What type of sustainability goals are companies setting for themselves?
  • [09:50] What are some companies that you think are doing a great job when it comes to pursuing sustainability?
  • [12:20] What is a practical and simple first step for business leaders who want to bring a sustainable approach to their companies?


  • There is a significant focus on the products that go into the buildings and the technologies used to reduce the carbon footprint of built environments.
  • 40% of the world’s global carbon emissions are due to the built environment. 90% of all human health ailments are due to everyday exposures. 
  • Leaders are trying to advance sustainability with power over ethernet and other smart building technologies.
  • Power over ethernet, communication, cabling, and IoT sensors are changing the way we design buildings.
  • Superior Essex knows the carbon impact of every cable they produce and works to reduce the effects at the product level and provide that lower carbon product to the industry.





Annie Bevan (Global Head of Sustainability-Superior Essex Communications)

Annie Bevan is a sustainability professional with over 17 years of experience working with organizations to develop ESG Frameworks, develop company-wide sustainable action plans and achieve various sustainable product certifications. She is widely regarded in the industry as an expert in sustainability program development, environmental social governance and third-party verification. In her role as the Global Head of Sustainability, she oversees the market-leading Superior Essex sustainability program, working to collaborate and accelerate the company’s sustainability platform through engagement with both customers and suppliers. She has been instrumental in the development of SPSX’s new MissionNext Vision 2030 program. She is driven by a passion to create positive change through collaboration and is inspired by the interconnectivity of all things in both nature and business.

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