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Benefits of Purposeful Device Repair and Replacement Planning

Release date: October 11, 2022

In this episode of Telaid Tech Connect, Josh King and Shannon Lightsey of Lexicon Technologies explore the importance of proactive technology maintenance planning. Businesses should understand – not only the cost of technology devices – but the cost of a device’s downtime. That information can inform more strategic decision-making about the replacement and repair of those devices. 


  • [2:10] What are two approaches to device management? 
  • [3:40] What are some steps enterprises can take to be purposeful with their device management plan?  
  • [4:35] Are there shifts in how devices are being rolled out and manufactured today that impact the repair side?  
  • [6:00] Are there changes in the types of devices being deployed?  
  • [12:25] What is some other wisdom about device repair? 


  • In most cases, technology devices are not the core of the business, but increasingly every type of business relies on technology devices to operate. When devices fail, it typically has a revenue loss associated with it. As a result, having a plan for the maintenance and repair of devices is critical.   
  • The best IT managers have a good understanding of how a device impacts the business – what does failed equipment mean in terms of lost sales? What resources should be applied to ensure a reduction in downtime?  
  • In the past, devices were more rugged and constructed for long-term use. In the past several years, we’ve shifted to more consumable devices that are not ruggedized and built to be replaced after a few years. 
  • Business leaders need to assess if they are going to buy the latest devices or tap someone who can help them extend the life of existing devices. This is another avenue for efficiency and business intelligence.  



LinkedIn – Josh King 

LinkedIn – Shannon Lightsey 


Josh King 

Joshua King has 15 years of experience working alongside and guiding C-level executives through critical management, financial, operational, and strategic decision-making processes. He is the CEO of Atlanta-based Lexicon Tech Solutions, a company with a 25-year year history of performing large-scale technology repairs and maintenance for businesses and school districts nationwide.  

Shannon Lightsey 

Shannon Lightsey has 20+ years of experience in customer service management and sales. She is a senior account executive at Lexicon Tech Solutions where she helps customers ranging from mom-and-pop stores to Fortune 500 companies with their repair, maintenance, and new equipment needs. 

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