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UVD/Non-Chemical Sanitation Technologies – with Christine Gallo

Release date: February 22, 2022

Today’s episode is about UVD sanitation technology, its evolution in various industries, and how it’s becoming a part of our daily lives. Owner and Founder of Gallo Medical Company, Christine Gallo joins us to discuss advancements in UVD technology and the factors associated with successful deployment. Christine explores the growing applications of UVD sanitation technology across multiple industries and how businesses are using this technology to protect their employees during the Covid pandemic. Join us as we explore the applications for UVD sanitation technologies in hospitality, dining, education and other environments.


  • [01:56] How has the UVD industry transformed over the years?
  • [03:22] What are some emerging UVD technologies and what are the applications for businesses?
  • [05:10] What are some real-life examples of how UV sanitation is being used today?
  • [07:07] What makes UVD different than traditional sanitation methods?
  • [[09:10] What are some of the critical success factors associated with successful deployment?
  • [11:54] What will UVD technologies look like in 5+ years?


  • UV technology took off over the past few decades, primarily in healthcare, but has expanded to other industries during the pandemic. New products have evolved over the past two years to meet changing demand.
  • Gallo Medical Company offers a high-end UV sanitation robot that, when deployed in a room, prevents harmful pathogens from reproducing.
  • UV technology is typically used when there are no people in the room. However, there is a new technology called Far-UV that is safe for use in occupied spaces.
  • UVD technology offers an additional precaution when used in collaboration with traditional sanitation methods. The use of UVD also demonstrates employers’ proactive stance on providing a safer, healthier environment to employees during the Covid.
  • Over the next five years, UV technology will be more entrenched in our daily lives, from sanitizing vehicles to restrooms and elevators.



Christine Gallo is the founder of Gallo Medical Company LLC and has been developing emerging technology products for Long Term Care and the Acute market for over a decade. Gallo Medical is a mission-driven company, whose goal is to deliver products and solutions to create safer environments for employees, customers, patients, caregivers and families.

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