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The Power of Voice Communications to Elevate Operations and Customer Service

Release date: March 14, 2023

In this episode of Telaid Tech Connect, host Beth Bergmann is joined by Martyn Jones, Chief Commercial Officer at VoCoVo. Martyn explores the power of voice communications to elevate operations and customer service and expounds on use cases in retail and the results VoCoVo customers have already seen.


  • [3:25] What challenges did you see in the marketplace that inspired VoCoVo to reinvent the way retail teams communicate on the floor?
  • [6:11] How can VocoVo streamline operations? What are some before and after examples of VoCoVo deployments?
  • [9:17] Can you provide an example of an innovative use case of VoCoVo in stores?
  • [10:25] What are other integration examples that amplify the power of VoCoVo?
  • [14:02] Why is the retail environment different than the office environment when it comes to voice communications?
  • [15:10] Are there any use cases in other areas like safety or loss prevention?
  • [19:40] Where do you see this kind of technology five years from now?


  • As humans, the primary communication we have is voice. But in retail environments, associates are all over the store, disconnected from others. VoCoVo allows associates to put on a headset and tap into every other individual on a specific “conference.”
  • With VoCoVo, if a customer approaches an associate and asks a question, they can retrieve the answer quickly, reducing wait times. If a customer is standing at a counter with locked merchandise, they can push a button and instantly connect with an associate in the store rather than waiting or wandering around the store in search of help. All of this improves the customer experience and reduces cart abandonment.
  • One retailer has integrated VoCoVo with their in-store cameras and people-counting systems combined with AI. The system notifies associates how many more registers they need to open in how many minutes to accommodate traffic currently in the store.
  • VoCoVo is API-driven, so there’s a lot of flexibility to connect with other systems. We’ve seen retailers connect it to their workforce management systems to assign tasks to associates on the floor, or with CRM systems to notify associates when a particular customer walks in the store.
  • VoCoVo can help deter crime and loss. Associates feel connected with the headsets. Our headsets can have a panic function put into them, which can dial into a police or monitoring center.
  • The next generation of headsets will have a new set of features including app integration. This is important because we see lots of apps becoming voice enabled. Voice communications are becoming increasingly seamless.


LinkedIn – Martyn Jones



Martyn is Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) at VoCoVo where he is responsible for growing the company’s partnerships, alliances and customer base, as well as expanding its presence across core markets in the UK, EMEA and North America. Martyn joined VoCoVo in October 2018 and has been instrumental in the growth of the business and the acquisition of its impressive portfolio of clients including Tesco, ASDA Walmart, Primark, Co-op, Morrisons and B&Q.

A sales and marketing expert with a proven track record of helping brands formulate and implement international growth plans, Martyn has previously worked as a freelance business consultant working with both large corporates and early-stage start-ups. He has also held a number of Head of Sales, Marketing and Product roles within the technology and industry sectors.

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