The use of data analytics in the omnichannel customer experience
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The Use of Data Analytics and Understanding the True Omnichannel Experience for Customers

Release date: March 8, 2022

Today we discuss the use of data analytics and understanding the true omnichannel experience for customers with Tracy Benaman, VP of Retail Sales of Deep North, an expert in retail operations and data analytics. She explains how retailers and QSRs are using video analytics to inform real-time decision making that improves employee efficiency and customer service. Join us as we discuss how AI is transforming retail stores and QSRs and their ability to drive sales in real time, return the greatest ROI and achieve their strategic objectives.


  • [02:15] How have retail stores and QSRs transformed over the years? 
  • [03:50] Have there been any specific changes to consumer behavior that are driving the need for deeper analytics?
  • [05:00] Now that retailers and QSR operators are armed with extensive data, what are the clear use cases?
  • [11:30] What is Deep North’s capability in this space related to the use cases and driving ROI?
  • [13:41] What does the analytics space look like five years from now? 
  • [16:11] What is the advice for IT professionals looking to roll out a deeper level of analytics at their company?


  • Retailers can validate their payroll dollars, associates and manage their store operation teams effectively by using video analytics and monitoring the data behind it. Also, groceries and warehouses use this technology to monitor their operations for safety issues.
  • QSRs use this solution for three main things: speed, productivity, and service timing. Predictive analytics allow managers to make better real-time decisions to improve performance. 
  • Retailers are becoming more informed with data analytics; they now have information about the customers in their physical stores which they didn’t have in the past.
  • Deep North works with existing cameras and can use a simple VPN connection to upload video to the cloud. The system can be deployed within a few weeks.
  • Artificial Intelligence and processed data will enable completely smart stores in a matter of a few years.


BIO: Tracy Benaman

Tracy Benaman has led retail operations for 26 years with 5 different apparel brands including Gap Inc., American Eagle, Polo Ralph Lauren, Ashley Stewart and NY & Company. In addition, Tracy spent two years consulting for Claris Solutions heading up the store operational practice working with a variety of retailers to improve sales, productivity and ultimately profit. Most recently, Tracy led the client engagement team at Alliance Data Card Services, working with over 80 clients to improve customer engagement.

Tracy is recognized in the industry as a team leader with the ability to identify key behavioral changes that directly impact sales and profit. Tracy’s operational business improvement approach works with all levels of the organization resulting in successful tactical and strategic approaches.

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