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The Digital Transformation: How and Why Companies Are Automating

Release date: April 19, 2022

Today we’re speaking with Steve Latham, Founder and CEO of Banyan Hills Technologies. In this episode, we explore the digital transformation, what it means, how it’s occurring, which industries are taking early action and the challenges associated with managing tens of thousands of connected devices. Steve shares insight about Canopy™, an IoT platform that enables the centralized monitoring, management and control of large networks of devices and control systems.


  • [01:48] When we say “digital transformation,” what are we really talking about?
  • [02:56] Which industries are embracing the shift from analog to digital?
  • [06:10] What are the correlating technologies that are part of this package?
  • [12:42] What is an example use case and ROI for the use of Banyan Hill Technologies’ Canopy solution?
  • [20:00] What will the landscape look like in five years?


  • Every business today has the opportunity to migrate from analog to digital technologies that allow them to reduce costs and achieve greater efficiency.
  • Industries that are ripe for digital transformation include those that are highly regulated, those that depend on extensive human labor to operate, and those where security is table stakes.
  • As companies deploy more technology devices, managing the fleet of devices across those locations becomes extremely complex but also very critical to the business. Often there are challenges of visibility and automation.
  • Canopy is a remote device operations platform that can connect a diverse array of devices and receive and process information at scale and layer in business applications to achieve business results.
  • In one case of thousands of digital monitors deployed worldwide, Canyon was able to improve availability of digital signage from 40 – 45% to 99%.
  • Connected environments are going to fuel AI and machine learning capabilities by providing valuable, quality data for analysis.



Founder and CEO of Banyan Hill Technologies, Steve Latham has been in the technology field for over 20 years and has extensive experience in cloud-based software and the Internet of Things. In 2013, Steve founded Banyan Hills Technologies, an Internet of Things company that provides businesses with end-to-end IoT services and brings to market a cloud-based IoT platform called CanopyTM. The company was named to Connected World IoT Innovations and, in 2018, and ranked number 1,203 on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing private companies in the United States. 

Prior to Banyan, Steve served as CTO for the Entertainment division of NCR, and led the planning, architecture, implementation and delivery of NCR’s Blockbuster Express kiosk business.

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