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Practical Applications for AI in Restaurant Automation

Release date: June 28, 2022

Today we’re speaking with Atif Kureishy, Founder of Vistry, about practical applications for AI in restaurant automation. We explore computer vision, voice and IoT as sources for AI data and specific applications for improving throughput in the drive-thru, improving order accuracy, reducing abandonment and improving the customer experience. Atif also makes some predictions on what restaurants will look like in 5 – 10 years.


  • [2:45] What are some specific challenges in the restaurant industry that AI can help address?
  • [4:47] What are three data sources we think about related to AI?
  • [6:27] How can AI help reduce abandonment in the drive-thru?
  • [8:30] What is a specific use case for computer vision, voice and IoT?
  • [14:19] What are some use cases in the kitchen for AI? 
  • [20:21] For restaurateurs who want to leverage AI to gain efficiencies, how long and how much data does it take to begin to achieve those efficiencies? 
  • [24:55] What is the restaurant space going to look like in 5 – 10 years?


  • A few of the major challenges restaurants today face include labor shortages and high turnover, supply chain volatility and food costs due to rising inflation. 
  • Restaurants have introduced technologies that provide diners greater access to convenience and autonomous ordering, but fulfillment of those orders in an expedient and accurate manner has been difficult and is now a focus of attention for restaurant operators. 
  • Predictive analytics uses information collected via cameras at the drive-thru to produce actionable insights. For example, computer vision can use information about the type of cars in the drive-thru in to predict order volume. The system learns that typically a minivan will be associated with larger order volumes than a coupe. 
  • Vistry processes data that is collected from existing hardware in the restaurant, making it a cost effective solution. It is also scalable so that restaurants can begin with a specific use case and add on as their needs evolve. 
  • The future of the restaurant industry may involve the construction of completely autonomous restaurants that have a distinct value proposition of order delivery. But another likely trend is the deployment of AI, computer vision and other technologies in existing kitchens to help them address challenges of their current operation.



Atif is the founder and CEO of Vistry. Vistry is focused on AI for Restaurant Automation – which provides restaurateurs insights and automation services needed to address their digital and labor shortage challenges. Vistry’s platform leverages vision, voice, and IoT data analytics to help measure and improve speed, production quality, and guest experience.

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