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Telaid and Darvis Deliver Automated Situational Awareness That Reduces Loss

July 13, 2022

Busy retail distribution centers (DCs) are the center of ongoing activity, high traffic and constant inventory deliveries and pickups. Unfortunately, inventory losses can result from misloaded orders, items damaged in transit, or targeted theft activities. To help combat losses in retail warehouses and DCs, Telaid, a trusted, full-service technology integrator for more than 40 years, today announced a partnership with Darvis, provider of a productivity as a service platform that uses AI and computer vision to provide ultimate visibility.

Telaid partnered with Darvis to deploy an AI and computer vision technology solution that helps one major retail client identify targeted and accidental inventory losses. The system monitors boxes that pass through the loading dock doors on and off of delivery trucks. Darvis’ computer vision technology is capable of reading barcode scanners posted on every box and determining if that particular box is scheduled for pickup. If the box is either accidentally or deliberately loaded onto the wrong truck, the system generates a notification immediately so that the manager or LP team can take action.

“Darvis’ innovative AI and computer vision solution delivers automated situational awareness that helps our customers provide oversight 24×7, because managers can’t be in multiple places at once. This solution demonstrates the power of technology to overcome significant business challenges and support a stronger bottom line,” said Telaid’s Senior Vice President of Solution Strategy & Brand Experience, Beth Bergmann.

Perception-based computer vision capabilities lend context to video captured in the distribution center, instantly flagging potential mishandling or theft to prevent losses. Return on investment is delivered, not only in terms of salvaged inventory, but also in the value of understanding the nature and frequency of losses, which can then be addressed from an operational perspective.

“Darvis is proud to rely on Telaid to deploy our solution and help deliver ongoing support. We feel confident that our solution is deployed with the proper infrastructure, configuration and support to help optimize performance. We look forward to partnering with Telaid to empower more retailers with automated situational awareness,” said Jan-Philipp Mohr, co-founder and CEO of Darvis.

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DARVIS is a productivity as a service platform that uses AI and computer vision to provide ultimate visibility. Using camera infrastructure, we are able to convert images captured into real time data, adding a layer of intelligence into object location and status. This provides unique insights into areas of interest – enabling companies to automate, document and predict efficient flows of staff, equipment and processes.

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