Telaid debuts new facility as a part of its 40-year anniversary
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Telaid Completes New State-of-the-Art Facility To Accommodate Growth, Service Expansion

June 1, 2021

Telaid debuts new facility as a part of its 40-year anniversary

Telaid, a trusted, full-service technology integrator for 40 years, specializing in enterprise deployments and technology lifecycle services, today debuted a new state-of-the-art facility in Norcross, Georgia, just north of Atlanta. This highly customized, 72,000 square foot facility located at 2925 Courtyards Drive includes space to support a growing number of employees as well as expanded solution design and asset management services offered by Telaid.

The new facility is home to Telaid’s Technology Solution Center, the heart of Telaid’s operation, where hundreds of thousands of devices are warehoused, staged, configured, kitted, shipped and repaired each year. Telaid also uses this space to design and engineer technology solutions to meet their clients’ needs. The new office area provides a comfortable, collaborative work environment for all Telaid employees who operate out of north Atlanta.

“We are proud of this new space, which will allow us to accommodate the growing number of employees at Telaid in addition to expanding our capabilities to deliver zero defect deployments and innovative technology solutions to our clients. This sizable investment demonstrates Telaid ownership’s long-term commitment to our customers and employees,” said Telaid CEO, Chris Patsiga.

The Technology Solution Center features more warehousing space and racking pallets, which are essential to Telaid’s comprehensive asset management capabilities. It also includes an expanded space dedicated to depot repair. A secured area for credentialed employees has been built to accommodate confidential innovations or special projects that involve devices containing sensitive data. The building will also feature a new BICSI Accredited training center, where employees and partners can advance their skills in information and communications technology design and installation.

The facility is outfitted with innovative technologies throughout to support operational efficiency. A Customer Experience Center showcases technologies from Telaid’s best-of-breed partners.

The opening of this new facility occurs as part of Telaid’s 40-year anniversary, demonstrating the company’s continued success and expansion. Employees begin working from the new office space today and Telaid plans to offer tours in the summer. To learn more about Telaid and our services, visit

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