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Telaid, Clinton Electronics Partner to Deliver New Public View Monitors for Applications for Loss Prevention and Beyond

August 28, 2018

Clinton Electronics is making great strides in the development of smart, networked PVMs and partnering with Telaid for deployment and support services

In an effort to offer the latest, network-based public view monitors (PVMs) to customers to meet their objectives in loss prevention and beyond, Telaid, a trusted technology integrator specializing in complex, enterprise deployments, today announced a strategic partnership with Clinton Electronics, a leading provider of innovative CCTV products, public view monitors, specialty displays, and custom designed solutions.

Clinton Electronics is making great strides in the development of smart, networked PVMs that are instrumental in executing messaging, promotions and communications at the shelf, where customers are evaluating and choosing products.

“The demand for these new PVMs is exploding. Customers in retail, healthcare, education and more are realizing powerful business benefits including new revenue streams, better customer service and improved operations through the use of new PVMs,” commented Dan Wade, Sales Manager Clinton Electronics. “With Telaid’s sophisticated deployment and ongoing support capabilities, we can ensure proper deployment and care so that clients get the most out of their PVMs.”

Able to accommodate multiple formats of content such as a static image, video, ticker tape messaging, slide show and presentations, the PVMs use an intuitive user interface to allow users to easily configure screen displays, change out content, specify triggers and manage monitors across disparate geographic locations. Also available in different sizes, the new PVMs can be used for applications far beyond loss prevention.

“In line with our best-of-breed partnerships, we are pleased to work with Clinton Electronics to help enterprise customers realize the full benefits of these new PVMs as a tool to help them meet their business objectives,” said Gene Bradley, Senior Vice President of Sales at Telaid.

With the growing need for solutions that drive a better, more personalized customer experience, the new PVMs come at a great time. Powerful, networked and easily deployed in targeted locations, they deliver strong ROI and instant capabilities.

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